Who We Are

Kari and VonLogan Brimhall are the dynamic duo!

Kari has been a storyteller for 25+ years and now brings her stories to ebooks. She taught elementary school and brings her reading and writing experience to the Nook. They have four fabulous kids.

VonLogan has been an artist from birth and loves to bring Kari's stories to life. His wit and humor comes out in every character.

The Wonder of Childhood

Young children are gathering life experiences. They need to feel the rain, plant seeds, swing and climb at the park, jump in puddles, watch caterpillars, as well as reading good books. Help them in their journey!

Start Life Right

A thirst for knowledge is forever and starts your child's very first year!

Help your child develop a love of learning: Read to your child every day
Talk to your child eye-to-eye
Hold and hug your kids daily
Tell them in words and actions that you love them
Eat good food, make mealtime a family priority
Go outside and play every day
Turn TV off and turn imagination ON
Make time for the routines of sleep, play, learning, and family
Encourage curiosity and creativity-don't be afraid to make a mess!
Set the example... read and play with your kids!